creative computing


Artica bridges art and technology.

We have a small multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals developing interactive technologies, building educational robots, prototyping hardware solutions and giving workshops.

Armed with knowledge and experience on the fields of creative computing, computer vision, video projection, physical computing, electronics, robotics, interaction design, computer graphics, content creation, web development, open knowledge and open source software and hardware.

We like involving the client in agile development cycle and together find a working, professional and affordable solution under realistic development timelines.




André Almeida

André has an extensive professional background in interaction design and software development. Worked 7 years at YLabs, YDreams’ research laboratory, and specialized in augmented reality, computer vision and graphical computing. Since the early stages of his life and work, he has been interested in the arts, particularly theater and performance. Collaborated with some of the most renowned artists in Portugal while working at "O Olho" theatrical company where he created scenic and lighting components. Has a deep interest in the various steps of the creative process, from artistic conception to the final result.

Guilherme Martins

Guilherme is a visual artist specialized in the creation of visual contents for stage performances. Since 2007, his visual environments have been used in dance, opera, theater and performances and he has collaborated with renowned directors like Rui Horta, Tiago Guedes and Anatoly Praudin. In the past has also worked as a visual artist for several internationally renowned companies, such as Ogilvy Interactive and YDreams. In his tireless search for new forms of artistic expression, Guilherme became interested in robotics and what he would eventually call “Creative Robotics”. You can find more about his previous artwork at

Celso Martinho

Back in 1995 when he was working at the University of Aveiro computing center, Celso, now its CTO, co-founded the biggest web portal in Portugal, SAPO. Loves web technology, electronics, design and entrepreneurship and is obsessed with mixing arts and with the process of creating products with high impact for people. Strong supporter of the Maker movement. More at

João Ribeiro

João is a professional school in multimedia graduate. His work skills include tinkering with electronics, robotics, digital fabrication; plus he also does some graphic design, 3d modelling and video editing. On his free time he enjoys listening to dubstep and breeding insects, snakes and owls.

Elsa Barreira

Elsa is the person who brings order to the Artica's office space. She manages the finances, handles contracts bureaucracy and prevents us from saying swearwords in the office.

Filipe Cruz

Filipe is an MSc Informatics Engineer and self-taught digital artist. He has a strong free-culture background from the demo and netaudio scenes, supporting all things open source, open knowledge and open data. Filipe does a little bit of everything, from software architecture to fire-department programming and project management. On the weekends he curates Enough Records. More at

Tarquinio Mota

Tarquinio is a software Engineer specialized in the area of computer interfacing, with a master's degree in computer science and doing a PhD on human computer interaction. He has a passion for all types of DIY projects combining programming and electronics. When not in front of a computer or soldering iron, he likes sports that keep him moving, like freestyle rollerblading, snowboarding and power-kiting. He also enjoys and practices several types of juggling. No matter the activiy, he's always thinking of some kind of gadget to improve it.

Filipe Barbosa

Filipe Barbosa is a 3D/motion graphics artist and tech enthusiast, he studied audio engineering at ETIC_ but has always been interested in VFX since a little kid. His hobbies are listening to his vast rap music library, watching sci-fi/horror movies, and searching the internet for new tools that could be useful in future projects, all this of course while eating pizza and drinking soda.

José Pedro Sousa

José Pedro "Coias" is our workshop technician. He has long experience with theater and theater scenography. He likes to get things done and doesn't mind getting his hands (and clothes) dirty while doing it. Enjoys listening to all kinds of music.

Eric Costa

Eric spent many years working as technical director for Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, he has long experience in theater scenography, project managment, 3d modelling and technical drawing.

Ricardo Imperial

Ricardo is a software engineer doing his master's degree in Multimedia. He has interest in learning new programming languages and interactive technologies in general. His hobbies are coding in Unity, creating and playing video games and listening to music.


Artica couldn't be Artica without a handful of awesome companies and friends who we really enjoy working with. They deserve mention.